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"The Big Picture" PRoject
Thurs, February 29, 2024

Is anyone getting cabin fever or feeling the winter blues?  Did you know Art helps with anxiety, enhances memory and focus, encourages imagination, and builds connection and community?  

Well, here’s an escape in your backyard! Calling all community creatives to join in “The Big Picture” project at The Creative at Klondike Park.

“Big Picture” evenings are casual creative get-togethers to make guided community-produced art installations using upcycled materials in imaginative ways. No super skills necessary, no fee, just the desire for a fun evening of creative community camaraderie!  "The Big Picture” collaborative artworks will then be installed at The Creative at Klondike to create an inventive, inspirational environment for all to enjoy! 


So grab a friend and hope you will become a part of

“The Big Picture” at The Creative at Klondike! 

In order to make sure that we have enough treasures for everyone

to work with, please RSVP below...

I am always on the hunt for potential treasures that can be donated, so if you have any of the following items, please save them for future projects, plus we will keep these overlooked treasures out of the landfills!

You can leave your treasures in the tote on the back porch of The Creative at Klondike.


Plastic bottle caps and lids (beverages, coffee, etc...)

Old light bulbs, and shape, size

Colored plastic bottles

Egg cartons

Foam core or card

Fabric remnants

Kimberly Alsop
Creative Director

And while we're talking about this...

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